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About Us

ACCSES is an elite network of over 1,200 organizations that provide exceptional services to people with disabilities across the United States.  Our work empowers and supports individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential through self-determination.  ACCSES is the voices for these individuals at the highest levels of government.  Our advocacy efforts resonate throughout the halls of Congress, executive agencies, and the White House.

The mission of ACCSES is to promote and enhance community-based solutions that maximize employment and independent living opportunities for people with disabilities.

ACCSES works with government and other stakeholders to assure that services recognize and support the full potential of each person with a disability to enjoy a meaningful life.

ACCSES in Action

  • Successfully fought efforts to eliminate worker protections under Section 14(c)
  • Ensured state flexibility and a full array of choices were preserved in the new HCBS regulations
  • Positively influenced HHS to adopt principles and best practices in the proposed rules on managed care plans
  • Enhanced work opportunities for people with disabilities during the drafting of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  • Provided technical assistance to state networks to help influence state-based systems transformation initiatives driven by Federal policy

Our Success is Accomplished Through Ongoing Advocacy Initiatives that Matter
  1. Delivering a strong and experienced voice for public policy
  2. Building relationships with policymakers
  3. Collecting and assessing key information that directly impacts disability service providers
  4. Leveraging the collective efforts of our members to enhance the quality and types of services benefiting people with disabilities
  5. Influencing national policies and legislation so that our unified vision and voice for Disability Service Providers remains clear and strong

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Mailing Address and Main Contact
ACCSES | 1501 M Street NW, 7th Floor | Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: 202.349.4259 | Fax: 202.785.1756

Media professionals seeking to arrange an interview with ACCSES should contact Michelle Romero at or 502.574.9934.  In addition, ACCSES provides journalists and editors with assistance in referencing background information, setting up interviews with disability service providers, securing press materials, and checking facts.

Terry R. Farmer
President & Chief Executive Officer

Kate McSweeny
Vice President of Government Affairs
& General Counsel

Gary R. Goosman
Director of Operations

Jack Delaney
Public Policy Assistant

Michelle Romero
Media Relations



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